It is often said that the only thing constant in life is change, however sometimes it feels like the only other real constant thing in life is getting stains. Stains on your clothes, furniture, rugs or even your upholstery. Handling stains can indeed be a challenging task. Rather than completely getting rid of the object and opting for new things given here are some of the Top 5 hardest stains to remove and how to actually remove them. If all else fails hiring a good cleaning service like Never Late Property Cleaning can be the best option.

  • Grass stains

A cleaning company trick to removing grass stains is using the special ingredient of warm vinegar. Heat white vinegar in the microwave for a few seconds. Then all you need to do is rub the warm vinegar on the object to watch the stain disappear before your eyes.

  • Chocolate

Chocolate might be a delight to eat, but chocolate stains are truly not pleasurable to deal with. Chocolate stains are a breeze to deal with if you remember to treat it with the hottest water you have, this instantly lightens the stain.

  • Grease

Rather than using detergent on grease stains, it's a much better idea to use dish washer soap on it such as Dawn brand. This is great for treating the stain because it dissolves the grease.

  • Blood

Women, children as well as doctors are especially prone to getting blood stains on their clothes or property. Contrary to popular belief, soaking the stained object or cloth in cold water rather than in hot water is the best way to make the stain less resistant. Once this has been done, the can instantly be rinsed out.

Another good method for treating blood stains is to soak the affected area in hydrogen peroxide. Often times the peroxide acts as a bleaching agent towards the blood stain only without affecting anything else.

  • Red Wine Stains

First things first, if you spill red wine on the carpet, the first thing you need to do is dab, not rub. Take a wad of fresh paper towels and apply downward pressure directly on the spill. Do not rub. The paper towels will act like a sponge and suck the wine right out of the carpet fibers. Repeat the process with more paper towels until the spilled wine is gone.

If a red wine stain sets, a great tip which all commercial cleaners use to deal with such a kind of stain, would be to use salt on it as an abrasive. It truly works like magic!

This kind of damage control is something that is very easy to do and can be attempted by anybody. People with these stubborn stains have commented just how easy it is actually get rid of them. The great commercial cleaning staf at Never Late Property Cleaning is able to get rid of these kinds of stains and other without even breaking a sweat. Just ask us when you call.

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