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What Are Dust Mites and How Can I Get Rid of Them?

Never Late Cleaning Blog Post - What are Dust Mites and How Can I Get Rid of Them
Dust mites are tiny microscopic relatives of the spider and live on mattresses, bedding, upholstered furniture, carpets and curtains.

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Unlike most other insects which have a rather small lifespan of a few days, dust mites are able to survive up to twenty days under various climatic conditions.

They are invisible to the naked eye and feed on anything ranging from flakes of skin to even bits of mold. As a result, dust mites are often the source of many kinds of skin irritations and allergic reactions.

The bad news is that even the very best housekeeping services are unable to eradicate this stubborn pest completely. However, the number of mites can be reduced by following some simple suggestions below.

Use a powerful vacuum cleaner

Any property cleaning service for your home or vacation rental should always make use of a good vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction force with either a double-layered micro filter bag or a HEPA filter to trap allergens that pass through a vacuum’s exhaust. This prevents mite allergens from being spread through the air.

Paying attention to dark nooks and crannies

When cleaning ensure that you do a thorough job and don’t ignore the corners of the room. Whether office cleaning or house cleaning the job needs to be taken seriously.

Use a damp rag or Swiffer to remove dust.

Never use a dry cloth since this just stirs up mite allergens. Swiffer brand dusters are effective since they have a Velcro type trapping mechanism that collects and holds dust in place.

Wash all bedding and blankets once a week

Washing in hot water (at least 130 – 140°F) will kill dust mites. Likewise, placing non-washable bedding overnight in a freezer is also effective in killing dust mites.

The green cleaning products used by Never Late Property Cleaning go a long way in getting rid of this menace. Dust mites, if not treated at the earliest can cause immense problems. First and foremost is that they cause skin allergies and can even disrupt the sleep cycle of individuals.

It’s an unpleasant fact of life, but like it or not most of us are probably sharing our homes with millions of unwanted guests. And unless we opt to live in a cold, dry climate year round there are only just a few strategies we can use to keep dust mites at bay. But that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate the allergic reactions they cause. It’s still your home, so don’t surrender it to these microscopic invaders. Call Never Late Property Cleaning to get an evaluation on how to control the dust mite population in your home.


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