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Five Common Areas to Keep Clean in a Medical Office

Never Late Cleaning Blog Post - 5 Common Areas to Keep Clean in a Medical Office
If the surroundings of a medical work place are not up to standard, this not merely affects the mindset of the staff working in the company, but it also goes a long way in creating a bad impression in the mind of the patients that walk in.

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If you are in the mood to give your office a thorough cleaning, then all you need to do is employ a great office cleaning service like ours. Our commercial cleaners are truly one of a kind. To help you keep your office looking tip top, given here are some of the top five areas to keep clean in your medical office.

Examination area

Medical offices almost always have examination beds and they ought not to be ignored during the cleaning. Most people visiting a doctor’s office tend to be sick. So, sanitation is a must. Disposable paper covers do certainly help matters, but the surface of the table still requires special attention. Wiping down the cushioned surface with disposable wipes soaked in a disinfectant cleaner can stop the spread of disease among dozens of patients each day.

The exam room floors also need attention. Children crawl around, patients sneeze and cough, and everyone walks through any number of germs before settling in at the doctor’s office. Exam room cleaning should always include a thorough cleaning of the floors.

Water Cooler section

The filter in the water cooler is always prone to excessive dirt and grime. If office cleaning is not done in a proper manner, it could affect the health of both patients as well as the staff members of the office or medical clinic.

Instrument storage area

While medical instruments themselves are always sterilized, cleaning the instrument storage area is still a must. If this area is not kept well, the patients could well become contaminated through a simple small transfer of germs. Cleaning Services, like ours pay special attention to the disinfection of these areas.

Reception area

Commercial cleaning services often focus on big things without paying attention to the details. The office reception area might seem like an insignificant corner, but in actuality, it makes or breaks the first impression patients get as they walk in. If it is not visibly clean it can naturally send the wrong signals. If it is not sanitized to medical standard, touching a counter or sign in area can even make the patients and staff more prone to disease.


It’s no surprise that bathrooms in any facility can become a breeding ground for all kinds of diseases. Apart from this, patients truly get a bad impression of the medical office when they find that basic sanitation rules are not adhered to. For example, dirty hands touch soap and hand sanitizer dispensers all day long, which means an unknown number of germs are just waiting to be spread to the next person who uses them. A wipe down with disposable disinfecting wipes quickly takes care of the problem.

These are simply some of the common areas which are most prone to either being ignored during the cleaning process or which are most subject to contamination. So, whether your medical facility is located in Treasure Island Florida or near Clearwater Beach all you need to do is get in touch with us for your medical center cleaning needs. We would be truly happy to assist you, even if it means simply answering some of your office cleaning related questions.

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