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What is a Day Porter?

Never Late Cleaning Blog Post - What is a Day Porter
A day porter is full-time daytime cleaning staff who actually perform more responsibilities than many standard janitor or part time cleaning services.

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If anyone asks you, who do you think is the most important person working in a company or a school, your answer would probably be the principal or the teachers in a school and the employees or the CEO in a company. However in actual fact, the real hero behind the scenes is the day porter. A day porter is full-time daytime cleaning staff who actually perform more responsibilities than many standard janitor or part time cleaning services. In addition to tasks like office cleaning, they are often expected to perform some part time light maintenance needs where requested.

Never Late provides day porter services throughout Tampa BayTreasure Island and Clearwater Beach. The chief duties of a day porter include the following services.

Maintain the exteriors of the building

Maintaining the exteriors of the building implies doing minor painting jobs or even doing some small scale decoration. A competent day porter like the ones we have at Never Late Property Cleaning, are able to do any task you need, without any trouble.

Perform cleaning work

The primary duty of our day porters are cleaning services, which may include lobby maintenance; the cleaning of common areas like kitchens, cafeterias and patios; monitoring and servicing restrooms; removing trash and debris; restroom restocking and meeting setup/tear down. For companies looking to keep their building and office in tip top condition, a day porter may be an ideal solution to keep your business clean and to impress others.

Repair Works

If you have hired a day porter for office cleaning services or other kinds of tasks as commercials cleaners you’d know that these able individuals are sometimes available to tend to light maintenace, such as replacing burnt out light bulbs.

Odd Jobs

It’s hard to get people to do off jobs because they will deny the job stating that it is not part of their job description. Day porters provide janitorial services where they ought to be available during all times to help out in time of dire necessity. If you hire a competent day porter, your office or school will run perfectly.

Being an Office Cleaning day porter is certainly not an easy job. Apart from the tasks mentioned above there are several other miscellaneous tasks which form a part of a day porter’s endless set of duties. Availing the services of a day porter is really a blessing in disguise, because such porters can do hard jobs in short spans without any complications.

A day porter can perform all of these duties, some of these duties, or additional agreed-upon duties – whatever you require. Never Late Property Cleaning will work with you to customize a cleaning schedule, including day porter routines, staffing level, and duties, to meet your building’s unique needs.

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