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Based on the purpose, you should opt for a flooring that suits your needs. If you opt for a flooring option simply because it looks good, then in time to come you might notice that it is a disaster to clean and upkeep. To keep things simple for you, or maids and janitorial service, we at Never Late Property Cleaning, suggest that you opt for the following fuss free flooring… View More
It is often said that the only thing constant in life is change, however sometimes it feels like the only other real constant thing in life is getting stains. Stains on your clothes, furniture, rugs or even your upholstery. Handling stains can indeed be a challenging task. Rather than completely getting rid of the object and opting for new things given here are some of the Top 5 hardest stains to remove and how to actually remove them. If… View More
If the surroundings of a medical work place are not up to standard, this not merely affects the mindset of the staff working in the company, but it also goes a long way in creating a bad impression in the mind of the patients that walk in. So, if you are in the mood to give your office a thorough cleaning, then all you need to do is employ a great office cleaning service like ours. Our commercial cleaners… View More
Dust mites are tiny microscopic relatives of the spider and live on mattresses, bedding, upholstered furniture, carpets and curtains. Unlike most other insects which have a rather small lifespan of a few days, dust mites are able to survive up to twenty days under various climatic conditions. They are invisible to the naked eye and feed on anything ranging from flakes of skin to even bits of mold. As a result, dust mites are often the… View More
It is often said, that a clean environment is not only very conducive for intellectual work, but it also goes a very long way in keeping various insects and dirt at bay. Various individuals have myriad views pertaining to how their environment and surroundings should be, so, whether you are someone who is a clean freak or someone who has made a resolution to get your surroundings cleaned, then we at Never Late Property… View More
It is often said that the people working in a company should not be random people working under the same roof on the contrary it should be a group of people working as a well-oiled machine towards a desired goal. Hiring individuals to perform cleaning services, whether it means maid services, housekeeping services or janitorial services is truly not a simple task. As one of… View More
If anyone asks you, who do you think is the most important person working in a company or a school, you're answer would probably be the principal or the teachers in a school and the employees or the CEO in a company. However in actual fact, the real hero behind the scenes is the day porter. A day porter is full-time daytime cleaning staff who actually perform more responsibilities than many standard janitor or part time cleaning services.… View More
As we go into the holiday season, we realize that many of you will be overwhelmed with the cleaning involved after the presents have been unwrapped, the food has been eaten and your loved ones and guests leave your home. Never Late Cleaning is here to offer some tips for cleaning your home or vacation rental here in sunny Florida. For many, cleaning is not at the top of the wish list, definitely not around the holidays. But,… View More
  If the question pertaining to how often you should clean your carpet is something which has been plaguing your mind, then here are some points which you ought to keep in mind in order to help you answer this poignant question for yourself. Consider the place where you are residing One of the first things to consider when attempting to answer this question is considered the place in… View More
  The condition of the environment had indeed deteriorated over the past few decades owing to the fact that we fail to use our resources judiciously and think about the future generations. However in the recent past, there have been introduced revolutionary green cleaning products which are actually cleaning products used by maids or janitorial services. These products are actually cleaning aids in… View More
Home and office cleaning are both mandatory, this is to ensure that employees and residents feel good as they walk indoors and also to ensure that any kinds of diseases and ailments are kept at bay. However if there is one place where cleanliness is simply essential, it is at a day care centre. Day care centres are places where small toddlers come to learn. Here are some of the chief things to be kept in mind while day… View More